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6% pa* Returns

Better returns than cash

Income Certainty

Defined and regular interest payments.

Portfolio Diversification

Build a diverse portfolio from a selection of over 400 bonds.

Buy & Sell Direct

Trade bonds in $10,000 parcel sizes.

Bonds are a great way to generate a reliable cash flow

When investing funds generated from years of hard work, many investors look for options that give them strong capital protection, while also generating a reliable, healthy income.

But deposit accounts barely keep up with inflation and shares can experience a capital wipe-out in just days. That’s why more and more smart investors are looking to Corporate Bonds.

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Delivering income certainty throughout the year

Because a corporate bond is essentially a secured loan to a company on fixed terms, you can expect regular and consistent income payments at set intervals during the year.

And because it’s not tied to the company’s performance or share price, you can relax and focus on other things, rather than worrying about what the stock market is doing.

This makes it a great investment for retirees, or for people who are looking for a safer option than directly investing in these companies through shares.

It’s a smart way to diversify

With bonds available from companies in industries as varied as banking, construction, infrastructure, insurance, transport, airlines, retailing and more, it’s easy to ensure diversification for reduced capital risk.

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Build a portfolio from a wide range of top
Australian companies

We’ve got over 400 corporate bonds available from strong, well-known companies, with many of them
delivering annual returns of 4%, 5%, 6% and higher.

Starting with a minimum of $250,000 you can get access to a range of Australian companies,
providing you with consistent and reliable income payments (while your capital remains protected).

6.98% p.a.

High Yield

This portfolio has 21 securities with weightings between 1.4% and 16.8%, yielding 6.98% pa. It is designed for investors seeking a higher return and who are comfortable with a corresponding increase in credit risk. The returns shown are based on a $1.5 million investment. $250,000 is the minimum amount that can be invested with FIIG.

5.37% p.a.

Balanced Portfolio

This portfolio has 25 securities with weightings between 2.8% and 7.8%, yielding 5.37% pa. It is designed for investors wanting a balanced allocation of investment grade and sub investment grade bonds. The returns shown are based on a $1 million investment. $250,000 is the minimum amount that can be invested with FIIG.

4.06% p.a.

Conservative Portfolio

This portfolio has 13 securities with all weightings between 5.1% and 10.6%, yielding 4.06% pa. It is designed for investors wanting a 100% allocation of investment grade bonds. The returns shown are based on a $1 million investment. $250,000 is the minimum amount that can be invested with FIIG.

Outperform the sharemarket

Australian bonds have proven to deliver better returns than cash or Australian shares. And all without
as much risk. If you’re looking for strong returns, bonds are a great way to achieve your aims.

Earn a Better Return

Australian bonds have outperformed
cash and Australian and Global shares
in the 10 years to December 2017.

Gross returns for 10 years to December
2017- ASX 2018 Long-term Investing
Report July 2018.

Access your funds at
any time

Just like buying shares, you can trade your bonds if your situation or investment strategy changes. This can be done in parcels of $10,000 – allowing you flexibility without needing to trade everything.

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Over 7,000 Australians trust FIIG Securities to secure their financial future with Corporate Bonds.

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Making corporate bonds available to 'Mum and Dad' investors is brilliant. When we started our SMSF I didn't think we would be able to invest in bonds at all. Very pleased that we have been able to do that, thanks to FIIG.

Stella Y


FIIG has the total package regarding Bonds and associated Fixed Interest options with a very good easy to use web site, informative views available via Wire newsletter and good people back up.

Joseph L


What I like about FIIG is that it provides direct access to the Fixed Income market. Given Fixed Income is all we do, we use this expertise on a daily basis to help investors who are seeking capital preservation and income predictability.

Johnele Huggett

Director - Product and Platform

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