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Key takeaways from the report

How capital preservation & yields are
driving investment in Corporate Bonds

86% of corporate bond investors have had a positive experience, and a net 37% intend to invest more in the next 12 months

A net 15% of non-investors intend to invest in the next 12 months. Therefore the share of high net worth individuals owning corporate bonds could grow from 16% to 29%

Low yields in cash investments is the #1 concern identified by investors. And 40% are concerned about government policy uncertainty

The rise in private investor demand for Corporate Bonds

  • 16% of high net worth individuals in Australia directly own corporate bonds
  • Corporate bonds are 11% of total portfolio assets for individuals with direct holdings
  • 95% of corporate bond investors own AUD-denominated bonds, while 72% own USD-denominated bonds

Why the Australian Corporate Bond
market is growing

More than $1 trillion of corporate bonds are outstanding in Australia: the corporate bond market is around 70% the size of the listed share market (ASX)

Only 47% of the Australian corporate bond market is owned by Australian investors

Average gross annual return of Australian bonds was 6.1% between 2006-16, compared to 4.3% for Australian shares

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Discover the reasoning behind
Australia's growing appetite for Corporate bonds